Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Old Timer Wrestling Conventions

Robert Gibson (wrestler)
Old School- Robert Gibson (1/2 of The Rock 'N Roll Express) signing autographs

In the sporting world nostalgia is big business. It should be as heroes are part of some of the best times in our lives. And in their heyday it is difficult to get around these heroes. But as times goes by and new superstars emerge, yesterday's heroes become more accessible. Many supplement their income by doing autograph shows. It seems to be big business.

For professional wrestlers there are different old-time gatherings that they attend and make themselves available to their fans. It is good to see them at the shows. Unfortunately, these conventions are few and far in between. Having a trade show with memorabilia, pictures, and booths is not that frequent. If one can find them, they should attend. Some old-time wrestlers have websites and lists when they will attend a show. I like to see a tradeshow with Baron Von Rashke, one of my favorite old-time wrestlers. On his site he does have pictures of him at various trade shows.

I haven't been to one of the much smaller fan conventions, and don't know if they really exist. I'm talking about this scene in The Wrestler where Mickey Rourke goes to some event with other wrestlers seated at card tables and they are selling their autographs, trinkets, and videos. Sadly, in the movie there was no one at the show. But that sad scene was an element to make the movie sad. I do hope old-timers do better than that movie scene showed.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hulk Hogan On TNA

Add this post to the many reviews of Hulk Hogan's time on TNA. Really, it comes in two parts as this review is late enough to also include the first weeks following the introduction of Hogan to Impact.

The January 4 introduction of Hulk Hogan to see TNA Impact was awesome. The only weakness I saw was Hogan mentioning he was backstage with the talent all-day long, when the show spent a great deal of time and money ostensibly showing Hogan coming to the arena in a stretch limo and an accompanying motorcade. The motorcade was complete with police escort. Other than that it did a good job of introducing new additions to the roster without giving too much away. It was more of a tease of what is to come. Ric Flair, Jeff Hardy, The Nasty Boys, Scott Hall, and Sean Waldman were all introduced during the show.

It was also a good strategy to schedule this against WWE Raw on Monday nights. This gave Impact its highest ratings ever. Can't really say it was because of the Monday night maneuver, but it did help make a statement and build buzz.

The subsequent weeks started to show the storylines. Unfortunately, the Nasty Boys are back. They didn’t get over when they were in their prime and these WCW refugees suppose to add to TNA? The same with the NWO line-up with Scott Hall and Waldman reforming with Kevin Nash as The Band. There is hope that Hogan is going to split from them. Hall doesn't look like he could make it three minutes in a ring. Waldman probably will flake out in a few weeks. There is a reason Kevin Nash has been able to keep a career going in pro wrestling. Then there is Bischoff. What does he add? Out of all the WCW retreads, Bischoff is the one that needs to go.

So, after the initial hype it looks like the WCW reunion will probably end with a WCW crash.

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