Monday, April 20, 2009

WWE Ideas For ECW And The WGN Superstars

Another wrestling post. I was considering what the WWE could do with ECW and the new lackluster Superstars on WGN. Rather than just have four matches of who cares, they could using them as building blocks. Theme them with three categories of wrestlers who need development to be feeders into Smackdown and Raw.

Junior Heavyweight
Seeing Chavo Guerrero try to bow-up against Randy Orton last week was sad. Physically he just doesn’t have the stature to pull it off. However, I think Chavo is an exciting wrestler who can work a promo given a decent chance. If there was a league just for those like him, he would shine. Remember Chris Benoit (before 'Roids), Eddie Guerrero (before 'Roids), Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, Crash Holly, The Hurricane? They made a great weight class of exciting stories and moves. Then with that training some were able to break into the open heavyweight classes.

Super Heavyweights
The big men are a lot of fun but they also need a lot of help in working a ring and promo. Just the like the Junior Heavyweights they could be put into a division to themselves and see who rises. Consider a show where no one smaller than Umaga would be allowed. The Great Khali, Big Show, Kane, Umaga, Batista, Mark Henry, Festus, R-Truth, Ezekiel Jackson, all together every week battling it out.

Recently, the WWE has been throwing out Diva matches like mashed potatoes. A big glob on a two-hour show. 16 Diva tag-team matches (not even enough time for everyone to get in the ring), battle royals, lumberjack matches, and everyone beat up on Santino matches. No one is going to learn from that and no one will stand out. Might as well have the women revert back to being managers and valets. However, if they had their own show, they could develop skills and characters that could enhance Raw or Smackdown. Plus, it would be fun to see a full hour of thought out matches, feuds, and promos.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

The New WWE Superstars Show Is Sad

Saw the latest in WWE TV programming and was less than impresssed. Reminded me of what Sunday Night Heat on MTV use to be. WWE Superstars is on WGN America and debuted last night April 16, 2009. On Thursday nights, it fills another week night with WWE. So, the schedule for WWE fans looks like this:

Monday – Raw (Two Hours)
Tuesday – ECW (One Hour)
Wednesday – No Programming
Thursday – Superstars (One Hour)
Friday – Smackdown (Two Hours)

Also, it challenges TNA Wrestling which comes on right after Superstars on Spike.

This show is lackluster and sadly could have been an opportunity to do something new. Apparently, the format is to offer four matches, from wrestlers of all three brands. Beyond that, nothing, that's the show. Sad.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Automaker CEO's Spanked

Many of us saw the US automakers spanked before Congress. One problem the Congressmen had was that the automakers flew into Washington on private business jet. If only the CEO's had made the switch to a much cheaper fractional airplane. That is where a company buys time on jets to fly them where they need to go, rather than flat out own them. That would have shut up the hypocritical Congressmen. One tried to pin down a CEO by trying to make them sell their jets then and there, fly back commercial. Wished the CEO said he would if the Congressman would never fly on a lobbyists private jet or a private jet for a junket.