Friday, April 17, 2009

The New WWE Superstars Show Is Sad

Saw the latest in WWE TV programming and was less than impresssed. Reminded me of what Sunday Night Heat on MTV use to be. WWE Superstars is on WGN America and debuted last night April 16, 2009. On Thursday nights, it fills another week night with WWE. So, the schedule for WWE fans looks like this:

Monday – Raw (Two Hours)
Tuesday – ECW (One Hour)
Wednesday – No Programming
Thursday – Superstars (One Hour)
Friday – Smackdown (Two Hours)

Also, it challenges TNA Wrestling which comes on right after Superstars on Spike.

This show is lackluster and sadly could have been an opportunity to do something new. Apparently, the format is to offer four matches, from wrestlers of all three brands. Beyond that, nothing, that's the show. Sad.

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