Thursday, August 27, 2009

Khali Vs. Kane = Good

I have been enjoying this feud been The Great Khali and Kane. It was a bit odd how Kane started it, but it looks like The Great Khali is ready to finish it.

This is a very good fued for Khali as he needs something after his turn to face with his comedic bit of kissing. That was fun and a unique way to turn someone to being a face. Now, we get to see him back in action, I do hope he has worked some on his wrestling moves though. I think it would be good for big men like him to study with old school wrestlers about holds and other tools they use to use back in the day. Face it, Khali will not be in a ladders match any time soon. But if he had a bag of holds he could pull from, then part of the match could be him doing his holds with would be devastating because of his strength. Then the other parts could be his opponents using acrobatics to chop him down.

Of course, this would necessitate him wrestling more MVP's or Shelton Benjamin's, rather than Kane's. But a speed versus strength match is has more opportunities than a strength versus strength match.

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