Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bischoff’s Book

Eric Bischoff wrote the book Controversy Creates Cash sometime back. However, as it is primarily a retrospective about his time with the WCW and the various real-life plots there, it stands as a nice history of what went on. All of it is instructional, as some tales and happenings are cautionary, others quality examples. An example is how they built Goldberg. Rather than have Goldberg rise through the rank and work dark shows to learn their craft, they used the undefeated storyline, as he worked to learn the ropes. Smart. However, on the caution side is the Ted Turner history of just buying talent. It can work for a moment, but is not sustainable. And as the WWE showed, the better long term strategy is to grow your own talent.

When you consider what the WWE and TNA face just as wrestling enterprises, and consider there is nothing new under the sun, it should be instructional. It should help keep past mistakes and successes in mind of current wrestling organizations.

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