Monday, June 29, 2009

Trump Legacy

I guess I was right that Trump was going to designate a new GM every week. Without Trump WWE Raw is continuing with that idea. I like it. Especially as Batista set a good tone for future GM’s by threatening to exercise the full powers of a GM. Future GM’s can also. The trend this far is to use injured superstars (Batista) and past superstars (DiBiase). It will be fun to see what the future will hold. McMahon threatened to use average people and I would like to see some random fan run Raw for a night. An average joe off the street would be cool too. I guess we could expect to see athletes, Hollywood celebs, and possibly even politicians.

What would be really fun would be to see vintage wrestlers, not necessarily Hall Of famers like DiBiase, but more along the lines of a Brooklyn Brawler or Doink The Clown. Regardless, I like this turn and believe it could be a lot of fun. It also should be pretty dummy proof.

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