Friday, June 26, 2009

TNA's Main Event Mafia Demise?

Well, it has been brewing but has finally happened. The Main Event Mafia finally left the original premise of veteran wrestlers (WWE alums) banding together and demanding respect from the younger crew. Instead and inevitably they started drafting younger talent and turning on their own. Most recently the Main Event Mafia turned on Sting.

What I do not like about this most recent turn is two things. One, it has been done so much that it is cliché. Since the Four Horseman introduced the clique format, this has been a work. The NOW took it to a boundary crossing extreme, which frankly destroyed the concept. Which brings me to two, as Main Event Mafia is now trying to be anarchistic membership, there is little they can do but follow the script laid down by the NWO. There is no creative direction they can take this except to keep doing the same old thing until it simply cycles out. All they can do is invite surprising new members and turn on current members, and do it over and over and over. At least before the first real traitorous turn, the Main Event Mafia could have done something different. Something that would last like the Four Horseman, instead they opted for the downward slide of the NWO.

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