Thursday, June 25, 2009


So, the Trump era on Raw lasted one week. Wish I could say I had seen that coming but not in the slightest. Looking backwards I am not surprised, because I always wondered how they would get Trump involved week to week, and knew he would not be traveling arena to arena. So, I figured he would appoint a GM who would speak for him and he would do taped Titantron promos every week probably shot from his "boardroom." One idea I had was Donald Trump he were to appoint celeb GM's from his show The Celebrity Apprentice.

So, Vince is back and this amounts to a popcorn fart. The question is why? Speculation has been that was an unpopular move, but Vince makes plenty of unpopular moves and never corrects them due to opinions. Another and more likely speculation is that this move actually moved the stock price of WWE. The stock price fell on the Trump buying Raw news, which is dang funny because stock owners don't know a work when they see one? All I know is this was not the plan because the WWE cannot afford to pay Donald Trump fees just for a one shot show, plus having that show commercial free. Big dollars was paid to Trump for something else and it didn't happen. The real question is what's next with Donald J. Trump?

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