Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tommy Dreamer - A Real Champ

I admire the heck out of Tommy Dreamer. I feel he is one of us made good. A real wrestling fan who has made it through hard work and love of the industry. Have seen him work things behind the scenes through the WWE webcast and the reality show Tough Enough. It was especially shown when he use to do those gross out bits. Showing me how much he truly loves being in the wrestling industry and how blessed he knows he is to be where he is. Not like others who when they get to the heights, think everything they have and more is due them. When something is given to guys like Dreamer like a belt, they treat it and the fans with respect. It makes them work that much harder. He is no prima donna.

WWE will not allow him to hold the ECW Championship very long, and that is unfortunate. Our loss when no one would work harder to make a reign mean something. A guy like Dreamer would weave many storied feuds and bouts into something to remember. And he wouldn't do it with gimmicks and shortcuts, but perseverance. I would liken a Tommy Dreamer reign to something like a Harley Race. Probably not as long, but that substantive style. Not a lot of flair or glitz, no amped up promos, but a solid understanding of the basics of wrestling that make the audience appreciate what they are seeing.

Earlier I mentioned his gross out segments, which I often wondered if they were real or a work. But that is wrestling- is it real? Kayfabe. Old School. That is what Tommy Dreamer is about, a guy without the natural talents or innate charisma that can get an instant pop, but his work ethic makes everyone appreciate him. A long Tommy Dreamer reign would make everyone he matches against instantly better. And if ECW is a training camp, what could be better? Regardless of PPV, house show, dark show, televised anyone he is in the ring will get over. That is what a Race was and that is what a Dreamer is- a betterment to the industry at-large.

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