Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A New Lame Trend?

Talked about Santina's firing last time. What I didn't mention was that after the firing the footage was edited to appear that Santino ran up immediately afterwards to lament his sister's firing. As if it was actually two people. That was Raw.

Then on ECW Gregory Helms in a suit and tie (with ponytail) was interviewing Mark Henry when during the interview a case fell on a stage hand. The Hurricane came out to lift it off him after 5-6 other crew members failed. The scene was show Helms missing from a Mark Henry and Tony Atlas reaction. Quickly afterwards the scene was edited to show Helms walking back into frame with the suit and ponytail to complete the interview. As if he was there the whole time.

Not bad for some comedic mixture but a bit lame in a campy sense. If WWE creative uses this technique rarely, it could be a little tool for them. Use it too often, it will quickly deflate any Superstar using it.

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