Monday, June 22, 2009

A Trump Decision, Good Decision

Having Donald Trump take over Raw was a bit lackluster. I was surprised McMahon was still placing himself in the mix and causing a bit of tension between him and The Donald.

The highlight of the evening though was Donald Trump fired Santina Marella. Finally putting that character to rest. I thought Santina was good for two or three weeks, but then it just went on and on. Santino Marella is too good a talent to be donning drag every week, plus doing a Santina bit takes Santino out of the picture. It does give one of Raw best talents to finally start and work new stories.

The firing was a bit unceremonial but there was two highlights in the quick exchange. First Trump referenced firing Miss California, which I thought was a string admission on his part. Seems in the press he has distanced himself from the firing and let "pageant officials" do the speaking. Second Trump used his patented catch phrase "You're Fired."

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