Sunday, June 21, 2009

The McMahon's Diminished

Recent storylines involving the McMahon's could limit their future impact if they chose to return to an active story. The first was McMahon's mysterious injury that was never resolved, the storyline was just dropped. Then there was the recent McMahon/Triple H versus Randy Orton. So, Randy Orton takes out three McMahon's and the devious Vincent Kennedy McMahon cannot come up with a suitable revenge? This is a man that went round and round with Stone Cold Steve Austin. The highlight of the McMahon's involvement in a storyline was probably the merging of ECW, WCW, and WWE. Vince does such a great heel, but he couldn't give Randy Orton what was due him.

This is unfortunate as any future return of McMahon is cheapened. Expectations are lowered and are not the draw they could be. It could also be that the whole McMahon family wants out of the story process. Shane is pretty much out already and Stephanie has a child, so they will not want to be involved in a story week after week. And Vince may be feeling his age and wanting to do more corporate HQ work. So, if the McMahon's are bowing out that is fine, they have plenty to do behind the scenes. Just hope they don't try another comeback only to shrink from after it in a few weeks.

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