Monday, June 15, 2009

The CM Punk Reprieve

I am so glad that CM Punk is the new champ. Not that I am a fan of his blandness, I would much rather have Jeff Hardy hold a charismatic run as champion. But with CM Punk as title holder, that puts Edge out and the fact that it is a three way feud hopefully means Edge will be out of the heavyweight title championship for a long time. My beef with Edge (and Randy Orton for that matter) is that though his gimmick makes him a great heel, it also is one noted and has been played too much. The Rated R Superstar angle died, well it is time for the ultimate opportunist to die also. Or at least do something new and that angle does not always have to end with him holding the title.

A great heel for the long term can make you guiltily like (or love to hate him) him and he also doesn't diminish his heel-ness if he gets his comeuppance. That is the social contract, we will shell out the $35 bucks for a pay-per-view to see the heel get what he has coming. But when an Edge or a Randy Orton never get what they have coming, it breaks the contract and I stop paying for the PPV. Why pay when the feud is just going to continue for the next three months or until the face gets injuried (for real)?

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