Friday, June 12, 2009

Wrestling Business

I am always fascinated with various businesses and how they work. With wrestling there are many facets, but the one that gets me is the salaries. How much do wrestlers make? Researching I see that it runs the gamut. Local promoters may pay $20-50 to a jobber to a pair of C-notes to a past star. TNA at one time was paying a couple of hundred dollars per show for a homegrown star like TJ Styles, and $75 for everyone else. I am sure that has changed, especially to the Main Event Mafia members.

Then there is the big Kahuna, the WWE. Most superstars make $75,000-$200,000 per year. Divas on the low end, and Superstars on the high end. They get a traveling stipend and airline coupons to get place to place. Now, real Superstars hit the seven figure mark. Reportedly, Ric Flair made $2 million in his last years, Batista and John Cena make a million or more.

These kind of dollars make WWE wrestlers almost on par with star professional athletes. Most league minimums are in the $200K a year range, with stand-outs hitting the million or more marks.

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