Wednesday, June 17, 2009

O'Something O'Good O'Coming

Can't say I always liked Finlay. When he debuted with the I Like To Fight story, he didn't look very street to me. Round in the gut, blond, wearing a singlet, and carrying a shalalee, his heel tactics using a weapon didn't fit the I like To Fight. Someone who likes to fight doesn't need to cheat or use a weapon for one-on-one action. Then he did the Hornswoggle bit which was fun but didn't help him or his character. At Wrestlemania, a year back, he got shalacked by JBL which I found somewhat sad and thought he was on his way out. He has spent the past year as a jobber. Most recently he went to ECW without Hornswoggle.

Then a wonderful turn of events, he just started jumping everybody. What does this mean? I have no idea and I love it! The possibilities are endless for Finlay's character, and I realized something. I actually like him, but it has been his storylines that have held him back. A guy who likes to fight doesn't need to rely on a stick or a midget to get him over. I like the I LIke To Fight bit if he actually fought. Now he can, if WWE creative can really work something good for him. Finally, something worth watching on ECW.

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