Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vickie Guerrero, Please Come Back

Vickie Guerrero is hopefully taking a haitus from wrestling and not leaving. I for one will miss her screeching "excuse me, excuse me" to interrupt some wrestler in the ring, as she comes out to turn his world upside down with some impossible match. Also, on a more "real" level I always felt that she was working in the WWE because Eddie Guerrero may not have left much for the family to live on. They have two children and being on the road as a single parent cannot be easy. Always thought highly of the WWE powers that be for giving Vickie the work, and they shouldn't be disappointed. She rose from Teddy Long's assistant to taking over Raw as GM. And she did the heel great, and as all heels should- get there's in the end of a story arch. She would get her knocks as a heel and was great with just plain screaming when things didn't go her way.

My only knock on her or her character was with Edge. Didn't like their "marriage," kayfabe or not, felt it was disrespectful to Eddie. Though I am sure he wouldn't have minded when it meant helping his family. Felt the marriage was only a time killer and didn't add anything to Vicky or Edge's character, was just an uncreative plot gimmick.

I don't think Vickie has left a legacy but her time on WWE was well spent for its time and hope she returns for more.

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