Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Lame Return of DX

The reintroduction of DX was a lackluster. With Triple H and Shawn Michaels coming out in full bluster mode only to be waylaid by Legacy. DX did not even have the opportunity to speak, and it is that in-ring talk that is their strength. I can understand WWE creative wanting to build the feud for Summerslam, but this was not the way to do it. It would actually have been better for DX to return at Summerslam. With Triple H and Shawn Michaels showing such weakness as to be jumped man to man and being unable to recover, makes DX look weak. This flies in the face of all the hype that the WWE has put into the return of DX.

Ultimately, I don’t mind the WWE bringing DX back, mainly because the last time they used them I believe Triple H was injured. That left Shawn Michaels alone and after Triple H was healed, DX was not reformed. Then there was a one-night return somewhere down the line. But DX needs to be near invincible due to their savvy, and not simply jumped by a pair of lackeys.

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