Monday, August 24, 2009

WWE Guest Hosts

Guests host for WWE Raw on Monday nights has been enjoyable. I do not know about the longevity for the guest host format, but it could go until to end of the year or until Wrestlemania. Oddball guest hosts have been the most enjoyable like ZZ Top. Then having an athlete like Shaquille O'Neill or past WWE superstars make a lot of sense to guest host. What has not been making a lot of sense are actors who have no bearing on wrestling. Seth Green and Freddie Prinze Jr. were a bust. Jeremy Piven was able to bring something with his charisma and a short theme to the show, but thus far he has been the exception. If the WWE would reach further for guest hosts then that would help this gimmick come off better.

The highlight of these hosting shows has been Santino. Funny when he can easily outshine someone like Freddie Prinze Jr. He can keep these segments up until it ends, then return to a new theme with his unaware character. It's a gimmick that will not stale quickly, provided WWE creative doesn't wear it out.

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